Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Cooperative Laundry located?

Cooperative Laundry is based in Kearny, NJ, which is less than 10 miles from Manhattan.

Is your HQ office in a different location than your plant?

No, we believe in having all of our brain power in the building so our main offices are in the laundry.

With this new technology Cooperative is introducing in North America, how much more is your cost of services going to cost?

We will always be competitively priced relative to the general market.

Do you have redundancy? If so, how?

Yes. Our facility is designed so that if a single component fails, it won’t shut us down! For example, in terms of driers, we may run a little slower on 12 driers instead of 14 driers, but because we are setting hard limits on our capacity there will be no delays for our customers!

Can I visit the plant?

Yes. We would be delighted to arrange a tour for your team – please contact us to schedule a tour.

Do you have qualified engineers onsite who can service the highly advanced laundry equipment?

Our engineers are highly well-trained, and their job is to strictly focus on the equipment. We maintain a robust daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance program on all our machines.

Unfortunately, things happen… how do such unforeseen events impact your services?

Cooperative is going to make every effort to have solid action plans in place for the myriad of events that happen in our service such as holiday parades and area closures from events like New Year’s Eve in Times Square or the United Nations General Assembly. But you’re right, things inevitably do happen and our promise to you is to be extremely pro-active in modifying our schedules to best accommodate your needs.

How do I know that what I’m sending you is what I’m getting back the next day?

All of our services are delivered on a 24 hour basis – soil on Monday is returned clean on Tuesday and so on. Once we receive the soil, we track every piece by weight as it goes through the laundry process. Once the laundry is ready for delivery, we will measure the clean weight against the soil weight to arrive at a metric called Clean Soil Variance (CSV). CSV is the % discrepancy between the soil and clean. The industry standard for CSV is between 8% and 10% – meaning if you send us 100 lbs of soil laundry then we return between 90lbs and 92lbs of clean laundry. The reason for the difference is primarily due to soiled linens and towels being slightly wet from guest use prior to arriving to the laundry. Cooperative will report its CSV usage to you daily and monitor it for any medium to long term trends that deviate from the industry standard which indicates above normal losses in your inventory.

Describe your quality control process?

At various stages throughout the laundering process, one of our operators will inspect each item as it gets processed. If an item is damaged our team will set it aside and process it at the end so it can be packaged separately. We will return all damaged items back to you and label them “Discard”.

Who is managing Cooperative Laundry’s logistics and transportation?

We will be managing all elements of our logistics and transportation in-house. Trucks will be branded and clean. Drivers, directly employed by Cooperative Laundry, will always be neatly dressed in uniforms – hats forward, fitted but comfortable clothing and shirts always tucked in – we respect that we are delivering laundry to your first class hospitality location and want to make sure we represent your hotel in the best way possible.

What is your delivery schedule?

When signing the contract, a set time will be agreed to by both parties – the hotel and Coop. We will adhere by that time frame, unless of course, there might be extenuating circumstances that may require a change.

What happens to items that are still stained after the laundering process?

While we believe we have the best laundering technology and process available, there will undoubtedly be items that have stubborn stains. These items will be held back for 24 hours and washed in small washer extractors on a “nuclear” wash formula. The items that still have stains after this process will be returned to you as Discard.

Once I’m a customer, who do I communicate with when there are issues or questions with my service?

Cooperative directly employs a team of super knowledgeable call center agents that are passionate about laundry and service. Whether this means updating you on a delivery time, hunting down a lost and found item or just ordering you a pizza – our agents are ready to serve you. In addition to the call center, by utilizing innovation and cloud-based technology, you will have access to all the information you need, when you need it, to ensure that your questions are answered – daily manifests with digital signature capture and time stamps, all invoices and A/P balances and so on. We understand the team at your hotel is already inundated with their own daily routine and our goal is to make laundry like a utility such as your phone bill – you don’t call your phone provider every day to complain so why should you call the laundry every day?

What is your maximum capacity?

Our total capacity is 16,000 hotel rooms. We are limiting our capacity to ensure that we never, on average, operate for more than 12 hours per day. This will allow our talented team of engineers to maintain our equipment to the highest standard which dramatically minimizes the risk for late deliveries to our customers.

Why don’t you offer Valet services?

For now we just want to focus on being the best laundry provider we can be. However, we would be more than happy to recommend some very talented valet operators to you.

How do I get a price quote for laundry services?

Please go to the Contact page and fill out a questionnaire. Alternatively, please call Gena or our call center and we’d be happy to talk through it over the phone, face-time, in person or any other way that is convenient for you.

What about invoicing/billing? And can I pay per piece instead of per lb?

The industry standard has been per lb pricing for quite some time and our business process requires consistency in the pricing format across all of our customers. So, unfortunately, we can only invoice you per lb. That said, a great benefit to you is that our streamlined invoicing/billing procedures allows us to invoice our customers only once per month! Hopefully this results in a massive reduction in administrative burden to your accounting and housekeeping teams.

Aside from automation, what makes Coop Laundry different from the other laundry providers?

Our motto is “no surprises” and every member of the Cooperative Laundry family lives by this every day and we are serious about holding each other accountable (and being held accountable). This is what separates us from our competitions – that we deliver exceptional Consistency, Efficiency and Quality to our colleagues and customers. Clean and simple.