Who Are We?

Clean and simple

Our custom-built facility is located in Kearny, New Jersey, just 12 miles from bustling Times Square. We have a 60,000-square foot facility dedicated exclusively to delivering the best commercial laundry services in North America. 

We’ve implemented the only system of its kind in North America, providing a fully automated workflow that reduces typical laundry errors by up to 80%, eliminates human error in handling and sorting processes, cleans deeper, presses and folds better and causes less damage than conventional equipment. It also cuts water and power consumption by up to 50%. Better for you. Better for the planet.

It’s an end-to-end level of precision that the laundry industry has never known. And one that we believe allows us to provide a consistent, superior service.


Mission, Culture and Values

Our mission is earth-shatteringly simple. To deliver excellent quality and service with absolutely ‘No Surprises’. So, what does that actually mean for our customers, suppliers and community?

Well, ‘No Surprises’ means we are always pro-active in delivering the best possible service, so that our customers are never left waiting or dealing with a sub-standard product. It means that pick-ups and deliveries happen with military precision. It means we’ve eradicated human error in terms of sorting and organizing and it means that you get the quality of product that you need to run your business without anything unexpected happening. 

To our suppliers, we promise to provide the same level of predictability as our customers demand of us. We see you as long term partners. ‘No Surprises’ means abiding by our terms of agreement and behaving with integrity in every interaction.

To our community, we aim to operate with the smallest carbon footprint possible. We strive to make a positive contribution wherever and whenever possible. ‘No Surprises’ means you can count on us to stay true to our values in your community.

We do this by focusing on performance. Performance of our people and performance of our process. ‘No surprises’ may not be the most exciting mission you have heard but we’ll leave the excitement to the others.


Our culture is critical to us. We understand that our people are our greatest asset. It’s important to us that our people feel motivated, supported and pushed to realize their potential every day. We support this belief in the following ways:

  • Always Consistent: We keep our promises. We show up prepared, on time and on schedule, and ready to execute our super important roles at Cooperative Laundry.

  • Always Improving: We are always searching for ways to improve our people and process. Whether it be equipment, training or new work practices, we aim to provide every available tool for continued personal development.

  • Always Inclusive: Compassion and inclusivity towards our diverse and talented workforce are key metrics for us to judge employee performance. We operate a zero-tolerance policy for any behavior that runs counter to this.

  • Always Empowered: Every person is considered a key member of the team, regardless of rank or level.  We eliminate surprises at Cooperative Laundry by ensuring every employee feels empowered.


A great company is one that stands for something. These values represent what we consider important not just in business, but in life. It’s how we deliver on our mission and it’s how we ensure we deliver the consistency our customers demand every day.

  • Integrity: be honest, strive to do the right thing and communicate fully, often and clearly

  • Accountability: accept responsibility for all your actions and call out those not abiding by our values  

  • Compassion: offer empathy and patience for the circumstances of colleagues, customers and partners

  • Consistency: do your best, that means maximum effort, every day

  • Efficiency: slow is smooth and smooth is fast – do it right the first time so it’s the only time

  • Predictability: be thoughtful and pro-active so there are no surprises

  • Total Harmony: focus on the power of the collective group and protect our values 

Partners and Affiliations

We have sought out and partnered with the very best business and associations to ensure we can provide you with the best overall service experience.